About Steps


First some imagery. Imagine a sponge in a bucket of water. Squeeze it and It’s dry in your hand. But when you let it go the water rushes into... the sponge. In a basic way, that’s what we do. Rather than traditional barrel aging which can take years of patient waiting, we use pressure and vacuum to quite literally squeeze our bourbon both in and out of the wood and that’s where you get most of the 
flavor for a whiskey.


Yes, we still do some traditional barrel aging but unlike some of the whiskey producers like Jack Daniels and Jim Beam which have their own lines of... smoker chips, the wood cut from our barrel staves isn’t dry but pressure infused with bourbon. It’s the same with our finishing woods like black cherry, hickory and apple where each BRICX is part of our award-winning production process. Of course, when we’re done making whiskey we have some awesome bourbon 
infused wood.


Our wood is packed wet and packed fresh, full of aroma and flavor. Always solid wood, no sawdust, no bark and absolutely no fillers (except... our bourbon). Within minutes of pulling the wood out of our whiskey production process, we carefully hand fill each container. To keep in the bourbon, we use an alcohol safe, recyclable (PET) container, heat-seal an inner vapor barrier and then screw on the lid. We won’t use a cheap plastic bag to keep down the costs or a brown burlap sack just to make it look like a craft product.

Better Smoke. Better Flavor.

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